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meet our team

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Meet Ramon everyone! He is the mind behind this project.

After being in the textile design industry for many years and travelling with his bike around Africa, he travelled to Senegal with his family and felt in love with their colors. He then created "Artlantique" a furniture brand made with old fishermen's boat wood.

"West African fishermen decorate their boats with colorful geometric motifs; seen from afar, when they arrive at sunset, the beach becomes a huge mosaic of color. Attracted by its beauty, we wonder if after its long ocean voyage, that wood would be in a position to start another life, “reincarnate” as a piece of furniture; Few know as much about “reusing” as Africans. The question was whether the wood, after ceasing to be a boat, could radiate the same energy and preserve its history, that of the West African fishermen".

After some years,
Route Artlantique was born with the intention of combining tradition and innovation, traditional know-how and to get inspiration, between local craftspeople, designers, artists and artisans from Senegal, through carefully planned and guided workshops by Route team, following the steps of art from product design, fashion, jewelry, ebony sculpture to upcycling, combined with unique travel moments discovering the beauty of Africa’s natural heritage.

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This is Saul!

He has been a part of Route since the very beginning and him and Ramon make the dream team. 

Saul is DOES Creative Director, VISIONS BY Founder and Editor-in-chief, VIBE content director and Understanding Design curator. While lecturing at Elisava Barcelona University of Design and Engineering he also researches functional and digital identities with the "Future Everyday" Research Group (TU Eindhoven Research) and "Futures Now" Research Group (Elisava Research). 

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And this is Joel! 

He is Course Leader for BA Interaction Design Arts at LCC London. He has worked with renowned art institutions including the Geffrye Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A), commissioned as a consultant and to collaborate on film, layout and exhibition design.

Himself and his students from LCC come every edition and are of great value to the team. 

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