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route artlantique - african creative lab


Route Artlantique is the first creative workshop journey held in Senegal. A small group of design students and professionals travel to an exciting destination to broaden their subject knowledge. Through carefully planned and guided workshops, participants will combine tradition and innovation, while learning traditional know-how from local craftspeople, designers, artists and artisans from Senegal.


It is addressed to design students and other creative people who are motivated to work in different situations, with the ability to give and receive. Open-minded peo- ple who are receptive to new cultures and traditions, and who want to incorporate an authentic intercultural experience to their portfolio People with the ability to collaborate within a group while enjoying a unique at- mosphere.

We will follow the steps of African art through product design, fashion, jewellery, ebony sculpture, and upcycling, while sharing unique travel moments and discovering the beauty of Africa’s natural heritage.

It is an opportunity for designers and students from all over the world to share experiences and visions with the vibrant Senegal creative community. It is a laboratory looking to promote in a practical way an exchange of ideas and techniques between young Senegalese and world-wide designers.


We want to create a multicultural design community. We believe that designers hold the key to changing the world for the better in all that they create, build and envision for humanity. We believe that exchanging with designers from different cultures brings us closer together, and it teaches us about ourselves and the world around us, while allowing us to create a longlasting and prosperous change for the planet and its people. Senegal’s increasingly sophisticated design scene is the perfect place to host this unique learn-through-travel experience. The aim is to give visibility and echo the uniqueness of African talents, most of them still unknown to the rest of the world, and even in the continent itself. Route Artlantique will also be a way to attract other designers and to preserve local and traditional techniques alive.


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